Our Story.

After almost two decades of exploring and navigating through the vast landscapes of Africa, the Middle East, and some parts of the European continent, a spirit of excellence was born, and a desire to create change through innovation was ignited.

Privileged to have been immersed in some of the largest mergers, acquisitions and start-ups, along with having been at the helm of numerous large scale and high value projects, a sound business acumen was established.

It is this palpable sense of melting pot of unique skills, higher developed competencies and world-wine experience that is made possible to attain, as you enhance your trajectory as well as to align you in an ever-evolving world economy.

A pragmatic approach with a cost-effective outlook is what makes Malaika Consulting relatively attractive and distinguished.

Creating and Shaping the Future..

Malaika is in the cusp of redefining the future, with a view that the status quo remains outdated and has lost its value. There is palpable excitement and energy that comes with innovation, and the results are epic.

Malaika promises to challenge current leadership practices and aims to be a disrupter that, on purpose, highlights inflection points which is the moment of truth. These defining moments and the accompanying choices thereof, determine the future.

Maliaka is a forerunner in leading change and transformation. The expertise in managing transitions will remould a mindset that will create a leadership advantage with a remarkable sense of liberty.

Our understanding of global practices, the theatre of leadership profiles, multicultural nuances and political and economics plains, coupled with the dire need to integrate yet to be set apart all at the same time – is a fine art that Malaika has perfected and looks forward to imparting to you.

Sensitive to ethics, risk, governance and reputation, Malaika promises to take you on a journey of discovery, which will lead to a place of complete empowerment.

Together, we will rewrite the stars and so create the new story.

Our Values.

Integrity /

The purpose of the self-leadership is to help you find personal fulfilment. This, by uncovering, and exploring your authentic self, thereby fulfilling your potential and evolvement.
This requires you to establish an intimate understanding of who you are, how you operate, what is important to you, and most importantly, what you need to do to find fulfilment in your life.

Leading the Team /

The purpose of leading a team is to enable you to become a strong team leader.

Leading a team with a common goal or purpose is obviously not the same as leading yourself. It requires significant skills and capabilities.

Leading an Organisation /

Leading an organisation is infinitely more complex than leading a team. When you lead an organisation, you need to be able to create the conditions that allow you, your leadership team, and all your employees to find fulfilment, and meet all your stakeholder’s needs—investors, customers, partners, the local communities where you operate, and society in general.

Leading in Society /

Whatever you do in a societal context that involves other people will inevitably involve setting up a group or an organisation that will need to be led and (or) managed.

If you are involved in leading one of these types of groups, you will not only need to be able to lead yourself, but you will also need to know how to lead a team or an organisation.