Meet the Coach

Hi. I’m Zain.

I love people and love seeing them succeed. My vocation is to be of service to others. I have a natural instinct to care and am automatically invested in the well being of others. I believe that everyone has everything inside them and sometimes they just need help lifting the lid to activate certain traits or strengths. We are indeed “powerful beyond measure”

The human spirit is …. A person can achieve anything they set their mind to. A persons past is not an indicator of their future.

I learned a great deal about career transitions, and pursuing work — and a life — that is meaningful and makes the best use of my skills, talents, passions and interests.

I was born in a township with dusty streets and coal stoves. Small spaces, outdoor bathrooms and only cold water. More than that I was born into a powerful community. A community who were not defined by things but values. This community was disciplined and so from a your age I was taught social structure. I am ever grateful for this grounding.

I have encountered many transitions in my own life. I see them all as a natural part of my evolution to where I am today, even though I did not see them like that at the time of the actual transition. Some times, the emaotion, pains and cahllenges were unbearable to reconise them as a necessary part of my personal growth. I can in hindsight state with certainty that every transition refined me a bit more, every transition put an extra block under my feet and raised me higher, every transition taught me a valuable life lesson.

I am grateful for those experiences, but I am more grateful to the coaches and mentors who helped me transition as life does not come with an owners manual. These coaches, held the mirror up to me, sometimes they challenges my thoughts, but they always helps me seevarious options. They made me feel safe and secure and gave me a sense of direction and empowerment that allowed me to take decisions I deemed necessary.

I spent most of my career within a multinational. My work took me to various locations and I encountered thousands of people from all walks of life, different countries, different cultures, different races, different views and opnions, different religious and political affiliations, but all I saw was people. People who felt pain, who celebtrated achievements, who ate when hungry and slept when tired. I brushed shoulders with Presidents and hours later knelt next to a vagrant. I encountered thought leaders and business professional who imprinted my character. What stood out for me was the inspiration of different individuals and the choices they made and how that impacted their presenta and more importantly their future. None of the people were slaves to their environment , and more particularly their past.

I thoroughly enjoyed my evolving career. I worked with great people and was presented with many opportunities. Not all obvious as many required me to show and interest and invest in my own development.

I later managed to fulfill a life long dream and obtained a university degree and later went on to upgrade that to achieving doctoral studies. It was indeed a very refining and humbling experience. As you immerse your yourself into the sea of literature you realise your insignificance and how little you really know. You become acutely aware that there is a vast world beyond you and you learn patience.
After years of contemplation I took the leap of faith to pursue my own path as an entrepreneur and that was the birth of Malaika Consulting.

I have been involved in coaching, transitions and transformations for most of my career, thus I opted to make that my niche. I wanted to use my skill and combine that with my passion for people and my deep desire to inspire change.

I am confident that I will bring value to those who elect to associate with me both corporates and individuals. I look forward to becoming your coach and partnering with you as you too reach the milestones you long for. Let’s do this. Let me help you become the best version of yourself.


As one client recently shared with me:

“You speak from a place of profound wisdom. Wisdom is the mix of love and intelligence. It’s one thing you can never have too much of.”

Transition Coaching Mentors and Thought Leaders

I am humbled to stand on the shoulders of giants . To follow is a list of historical and contemporary coaching, personal development, neuroscience, happiness, transition, behavior, connection, and positive psychology thought leaders. These individuals are my Gurus. I have read their books, taken their classes, and listened to their podcasts and Ted Talks.These are the experts who inspire me and who I’ve chosen to learn from.

On that note, as a curious learner, I am open to suggestions and eager to learn more, so send me the names of books and authors you want me to know about!

  • Norman Doidge
  • Richard Davidson
  • Daniel Goleman
  • Tal Ben-Shahar
  • Brene Brown
  • Rick Hanson
  • Robert Wright
  • Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
  • Martin Seligman
  • Dharma Singh Khalsa
  • Atul Gawande
  • Ellen Langer
  • Christine Carter
  • Daniel Gilbert
  • Sylvia Boorstein
  • Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Sharon Salzberg
  • Robert Thurman
  • Jack Kornfield
  • Anne Lamott
  • Eckhard Tolle
  • Martin Seligman
  • Kristin Neff
  • Dacher Keltner
  • Sonja Lyubomirsky
  • Robert Sapolsky
  • Alex Korb
  • Sarah Wilson
  • Rachel Naomi Remen
  • Jon Kabat Zinn
  • Loretta Graziano Breuning 
  • Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman
  • Jeffrey Schwartz
  • Shawn Achor
  • Hans Selye
  • Kelly and Jane McGonical
  • Melanie Greenberg
  • Lisa Feldman Barrett
  • Abraham Joshua Heschel

  • Simon Sinek
  • Dan Pink
  • Dan Ariely
  • David Rock
  • Brendan Burchard
  • Hal Gregerson
  • Ron Leiber
  • Farnoosh Toorabi
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • James Altucher
  • Adam Grant
  • Charles Duhigg
  • Tim Ferris
  • Jeff Walker
  • Susan Jeffers
  • Jen Sincero
  • Rachel Hollis
  • Gary Vee
  • Amy Morin
  • Mel Robbins
  • Melissa and Dallas Hartwig
  • Angela Duckworth
  • Nicholas Lore
  • Sarah Petty

  • John Gottman
  • Robert Bly
  • Dale Carnegie
  • Christie Hartman
  • Esther Perel
  • Wendy Mogel
  • Erin Clabough
  • Wednesday Martin
  • Judith Martin
  • Thomas Phelan
  • Marjorie Ingall
  • Susan Douglas
  • Pamela Druckerman
  • Amy Chua
  • Dale Archer
  • Paula Szuchman and Jenny Anderson
  • Julie Lythcott-Haims
  • Ta-Nehisi Coates
  • Malala Yousafzai

A Final Word on Transition Coaching

I value you, I respect your limitations and cheer your passions. I have no preconceived idea of you and appreciate your reality. I am therefore never judgmental of you.  I am always mindful of the fact that I’m not turning you into something that you are not.

When we work, we drill down deeper into who you really are. I think of my work as helping you return to you, a returning to who you already are, so not a re-creation or re-invention. We’re not creating something new, we’re coming home! That is true freedom…

To paraphrase Michelangelo, we’re chipping away at the marble to reveal the you that’s already there.

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