Our Story

Almost two decades of exploring and navigating the vast landscapes of  Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe, a spirit of excellence was born. A desire to create change  through innovation was ignited. Privileged to be immersed in some of the largest mergers, acquisitions and start-ups, along with being at the helm of numerous large scale, high value projects, a sound business acumen was established. Spearheading the delivery of high volumes journeys in diverse streams a leadership discipline emerged. Delicately mixing design and systems thinking with a big data mindset an entrepreneurial flair being apparent.

This melting pot of unique skills, higher developed competencies and gargantuan experience  is available to you to enhance your trajectory as well as to entrench you in an evolving economy. 

A pragmatic approach with a costs effective outlook is what makes Malaika attractive and distinguishes from the rest of the markets.

Creating and Shaping the Future

Malaika is redefining the future. The status quo is outdated and has lost its value. There is and excitement and and energy that comes with innovation and the results are epic.

Malaika will challenge leadership practices and aims to be a disrupter that on purpose highlights inflection points which is the moment of truth. These defining moments and the accompanying choices determine the future,

Maliaka is a forerunner in leading change and transformation. The expertise in managing transitions will remould a mindset that will create a leadership advantage with a remarkable sense of freedom.

Our understanding of global practices, the theatre of leadership profiles, multicultural nuances and political and economics plains; coupled with the dire need to integrate yet to be set apart all at the same time is a fine art that Malaika has perfected and looks forward to imparting to you.

Sensitives, to ethics, risk, governance and reputation Malaika will take you on a journey of discovery and arrive you at a place of complete empowerment.